What is SideShift?

SideShift is an anonymous bitcoin exchange platform. You choose what kind of coins you want to send to us and our system exchanges them and sends them back to your specified wallet instantly. We hold no coins on our server therefore you never have to worry about your coins being hacked, lost, or stolen!

How do I start?

It's as easy as visiting our exchange page, select your coin exchange options, and then the system will generate a page that show's you your send address, transaction history, and displays a live rate. You will also be given a unique tracking number to access your information in the future.

What kind of information or logs do you keep on transactions?

Upon creating a forwarding wallet, we store the assigned wallet address along with your receiving address. This information is kept permamently so if you send future coins to your assigned wallet address, they will forward automatically. However, inside the tracking page with your unique ID you can use the Permamently Erase All Records option. This will fully wipe all transaction history and wallet addresses from our servers. There will be no evidence of any transaction once this option is used.

Do you charge any fees? How do you make money?

SideShift Trading Exchange charges no hidden fees and takes no random percents like other services. Our minimal-service fees are already built into the exchange rates we display which can be found on our website.

I need to send $1,000,000 (or any other large amount) equivelent in BTC, will you process it?

Every cryptocurrency including BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, etc. has specific limits set for it. These continously change depending on supply and demand. On the send/tracking page, you will see the maximum amount allowed in order to receive coins instantly. If you go over this limit by accident, the system will process the coins as they become available or you can contact support to have it manually processed.

What happens if my transaction has not arrived?

99% of support E-mails are from people who have not waited until 1 network confirmation has arrived on the blockchain. With some alt-coins, up to 6 confirmations could be required.

Will you ever freeze my coins and require KYC forms?

No. Unlike other exchanges, we require no KYC, no personal identification, no scans, no selfies, or anything of that nature. Our business and server is offshore.