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SideShift is one of the fastest cryptocurrency exchanges around. The moment you send us your coins we immediately exchange and then forward your desired coins to their final destination. With SideShift, we only require 1 network confirmation with most cryptocurrencys which means you can have your coins within a matter of minutes rather than wait hours with other exchanges.


No registrations, no setups, no logins, no orders, and no KYC verification. SideShift is to the point and shows you the current rates for all the coins. Just to the point, what you see is what you get with our display of instant exchanging prices! We charge absolustely no hidden fees or percentages on your trading with SideShift.


SideShift is an unique exchange model ensures the highest level of safety and security. Funds are forwarded as quickly as possible to their destination address, therefore we do not hold or retain your coins. In the past many exchanges such as MtGox and Binance have been hacked with user's coins stolen.


Instantly Pay Anyone With Your Choice Currency

Exchange and pay to any cryptocurrency address on the fly! Do you need to send Litecoin (LTC) to a friend but all you have is Bitcoin Cash? You just enter their wallet address and we will pay them the LTC directly & instantly once our system receives your BCH after 1 network confirmation on the blockchain.

Pay Anywhere That Accepts Bitcoins With Altcoins!

SideShift gives you the power to access the entire bitcoin economy/marketplace with the altcoin of your choice. You can purchase ALL products and services that accept any cryptocurrency simply by paying through our instant exchange gateway. We automatically exchange and forward your payment to the merchant. We work well with the merchant processor CoinPayments.

Now BitPay compatible! Simply use our exchange rate calculator to determine the exact amount to send.


Personal Forwarding Address

Create your own permanent forwarding address and instantly receive any cryptocurrency directly to your address of choice. Accept payment in any currency and have it exchanged and forwarded instantly to your primary wallet.

Someone wants to pay you in Bitcoin but you prefer to receive the money through a privacy anonymous coin like ZCash? Or prefer getting paid with only Bitcoin and someone wants to send you Ethereum only to discover there is no good wallet software for ETH like Electrum is for BTC? Simply create an ETH wallet with SideShift to forward to your BTC!

Unlimited Forwarding Addresses

Need a disposable address to accept payment? Don't want to publish your primary address in a public forum? Need a way to track where payments are originating? We offer dozens of cryptocurrencys to choose from and your wallets will stay alive forever assigned to you unless you delete them with your assigned encrpyted tracking ID.


Instant Exchanging

SideShift makes it easy to trade your coins, without having to deposit. You simply send us your funds and we instantly lock the exchange rate and our system forwards them back to you. No more opening accounts, verifying identity, security concerns, waiting for funds to deposit, submitting orders, and awaiting withdrawals - with SideShift you can instantly exchange cryptocurrencies directly between your wallets.

SideShift has no KYC. Because we are located outside of jurisdictions that require KYC (Know Your Customer) we never request a user to submit their identification. This helps protect all users and keep cryptocurrency decentralized and anonymous as it was made to be.

Be aware of many exchanges such as HitBTC, ShapeShift, Binance, and others require your documentation at random times or when dirty coins end up tainted in your wallet. We never blockchain anyalze or use systems to discriminate againts any order. You can feel safe using our proprietary trade platform without ever freezing your order or holding your coins hostage.